Listen to recorded messages and devotionals from Morrison Presbyterian Church.

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With the return of in-person, outdoor worship, the release of new audio has been paused. The archive of recordings is available below. Previously, the release schedule was as follows:

  • Weekend Message: Longer format reflections for weekend listening. Posted on Fridays.
  • Minimal Devotional: Shorter format reflections that look back on a part of the weekend message in order to dig deeper and explore around the edges. Posted on Mondays.
  • Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up: Your mid-week pick-me-up with devotional, theological, and conversational thoughts. Posted on Wednesdays.


Streaming audio or listening with a podcast player can be intimidating but it is not impossible – we’ll show you how.

METHOD 1: Listen in your browser
If you’re reading this, you’re using a browser. A browser is just a program (or application, or ‘app’) which is used to browse the internet. Popular options are Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

To listen in your browser: click the triangle-shaped play button on the episode above. Audio should start playing immediately.

Still not working:

  • Turn up (or on) your audio.
  • Try keeping this page open and your phone/computer on (not asleep). Some browsers stop playback when you navigate away, close the browser, or when your phone goes to sleep.
  • Check your connected devices. Many devices can connect to remote speakers or screens, which is great if you want to listen to the podcast on your Home/Alexa device but is not great if you are connected to those devices when you don’t want to be. Make sure your phone isn’t trying to play on a bluetooth device in the other room or to the Chromecast hooked up to the turned off TV.

METHOD 2: Listen in your Podcast App
If you’re already accustomed to listening to podcasts on your phone, you probably have an app that will find and play them for you. Our podcast isn’t available in most search engines but you can manually add it to your podcast player.

To listen in your Podcast App: Go to “Add Podcast” or “Find a Podcast” or “Search” or whatever else your podcast app uses for finding new podcasts.
Paste the following address into the search bar:
Your app should find the feed and give you the option to subscribe.

METHOD 3: Listen in the PodBean App
Our podcast is hosted with a service called “PodBean.” The good folks at PodBean have their own app that plays podcasts and is especially suited for finding, subscribing, and streaming podcasts which are recorded at PodBean, like ours.

To listen in the PodBean App: Open your app store on your phone and search for PodBean. Once the app is installed, search for Morrison Presbyterian Church and Subscribe!